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Your personal counselling experience


Anna Brasher

Masters Counselling Psychologist

Let's begin..

Making the decision to go for counselling can take time, but every day you wait, it just takes longer to make the changes you need. At Anna Brasher Psychology, Anna makes it easier for you, by helping you remove the perceived obstacles in your way. This is why she offers a personal counselling experience where ​sharing your inner-most thoughts, behaviours or feelings is done in the comfort of Anna's private, confidential and personal practice room.

Anna's Counselling Interests







Anna enjoys the above areas of therapy and is constantly doing Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses, workshops and reading in these areas to increase and update her knowledge base.


Every honest psychologist will admit though, that because of focussing their CPD on certain areas of interest, they have stopped working in other areas. This  lack of interest leads to a lack of up-to-date knowledge over time.


Below are the areas Anna no longer works in, so please search for a clinical psychologist who can help you if you have been diagnosed, or think you might be suffering from with one of these issues: 

  • Schizophrenia (hallucinations, delusions and paranoia)

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Post Traumatic Disorder

  • ​Eating Disorders (Anorexia or Bulimia)

  • Any Addictions - Drug, Alcohol, Gambling, Shopping, Sex, Cigarettes etc.

  • Couples

  • Divorce Cases - Current/Future proceedings

  • WorkCover

  • Ombudsman Issues

  • Court/Legal/Insurance Cases

Practice Details

Counselling Hours

Monday - Friday

9am - 5.30pm


Please call Anna directly

or book online

Monday - Friday

9am - 5.30pm


155 Varsity Parade
Varsity Lakes
Gold Coast, QLD
​Australia 4227

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